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Fluid flows can be divided into two types: laminar and turbulent.


What is the principle of laminar air flow?


Laminar airflow is defined as air moving at the same speed in the same direction, without or with minimal intersection of flows. In fluid dynamics, it occurs when the fluid moves in parallel layers without breaking between them. In contrast, turbulent flow creates vortices that deposit particles on surfaces arbitrarily and unpredictably.


Laminar flow


Turbulent flow


Where is laminar air flow applied?


Most pollution sensitive environments, such as most laboratories in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, ecology, biotechnology, and other high-tech sectors such as laser and optical technologies, microelectronics, need clean areas in their work. In these cases, a laminar airflow system, namely a laminar flow cabinet, is used.


Choosing a Laminar flow Cabinet?


The Laminar flow Cabinet provides constant speed and direction, clean air flow in a confined space and protects the work area from contamination, air passes through a filtration system and blows the work surface.


A typical Laminar flow Cabinet consists of three main parts:

- High-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA filter) and pre-filter;

- Fan;

- A box that provides laminar flow.


The direction of airflow in a  Laminar flow Cabinet  can be of two types:

- horizontal (forward through the filter located behind the work surface);

- vertical (down through the filter located above the work surface).

Horizontal Laminar flow Cabinets  are suitable for quality control laboratories, research laboratories, in vitro centers, etc. where it is necessary to ensure product sterility without protecting the operator and the environment.


Vertical Laminar flow Cabinets protect the product, the operator, the work surface and the environment.


Depending on the contamination requirements, process location, work surface and operator safety, the appropriate type of Laminar flow Cabinet is selected.

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