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Physics 6th grade

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Electricity and electric current B9

21 feasible experiments
• Electricity
• Triboelectricity
• Protons and electrons
• Electric actions
• Electrostatic induction
• Double electric pendulum
• Contact electrization
• The leaf electroscope
• Electrical state of a body
• Determination of the electrical state of a body
• Even the air can be electrified
• The biological effects of air ionization
• Lightning
• Electricity in motion
• Batteries
• Volta battery
• Electric potential difference
• Voltmeter
• Electrical circuit
• Conductors and insulators
• Intensity of the electric current
• Ammeter
• Electrical resistance
• Electric energy
• Lamps in series and lamps in parallel
• The domestic electrical system
Price excl. tax: €187.14
Price inc. tax: €224.56

Temperature, heat and changes in status B6

24 feasible experiments
• Thermal sensations
• How to compare thermal sensations
• A new physical magnitude: the temperature
• Thermal expansion of solids
• Thermal expansion of liquids
• Thermal expansion of aeriform substances
• How to compare temperatures
• The thermoscope
• The thermometer
• The thermometric scales
• How to use the thermometer
• When two bodies at different temperatures touch each other
• Thermal balance
• Heat
• Propagation of heat in solids
• Propagation of heat in liquids
• Propagation of heat in gases
• Irradiation
• The relationship between heat and temperature
• Changes in status
• Fusion and solidification
• Evaporation
• Boiling
• Condensation
Price excl. tax: €139.58
Price inc. tax: €167.50

Forces B2

22 feasible experiments
• Meaning of words
• Force, a primitive concept
• Contact force and non contact force
• Plastic materials and elastic materials
• Contact force: elastic force
• Non contact force: weight
• The effects of forces
• Active forces and passive forces
• How to compare forces
• A property of elastic bodies: from qualitative to quantitative
• Spring scale
• The unit of measurement of forces
• How to use the spring scale
• Vector representation of forces
• The center of gravity
• When a body falls freely
• The weight does not remain constant
• Do heavy bodies or light bodies fall first?
• The origin of weight and the force of gravity
• Why does not the moon fall on the earth?
Price excl. tax: €160.04
Price inc. tax: €192.04

States and properties of matter - Measurement B1

24 feasible experiments
• Space
• Matter
• Bodies
• The three states of matter
• A property of bodies: impenetrability
• Other properties of bodies
• The meaning of the comparison between different bodies
• Qualitative and quantitative comparisons
• Measurable properties and physical magnitudes
• Measurement of a physical magnitudes
• The metric decimal system
• Length
• The linear rule: a calibrated tool
• Geometry
• The fundamental bodies of geometry and the real world
• Straight lines and curved lines
• The metric wheel
• The curvimeter
• Closed lines
• Plane figures, borderline and surface
• Perimeter of a flat figure
• Area of a flat figure
• Simple polygons
• Regular simple polygons
• Isoperimetric polygons and polygons having same area
• How to compare two polygons
• Rectangles and squares
• How to measure the area of an irregular polygon
• Volume of solid bodies
• Volume of liquid bodies
• Graduated cylinder
• Volume of an irregular solid
Price excl. tax: €104.82
Price inc. tax: €125.78

Motion, B5

15 feasible experiments
• At rest or in motion?
• Motion along a line
• Motion on a plane
• Motion in space
• Trajectory
• Time
• Periodic motions
• Pendulum motion
• The period of a pendulum
• Does the period of a pendulum depend on the amplitude of its oscillation?
• Does the period of a pendulum depend on its length?
• Does the period of a pendulum depend on its mass?
• A tool for measuring time intervals
• The average speed
• Instantaneous speed
• The uniform rectilinear motion and its law depending on time
• Forces and motion
• Friction forces
• The motion almost frictionless
• The principle of inertia
• The action of a force on a body at rest
• Acceleration
• The uniformly accelerated motion and its law depending on time
• How to measure acceleration
• Does acceleration depend on the intensity of the force?
• The fundamental law of dynamics
• The unit of measurement of force in physics
Price excl. tax: €152.37
Price inc. tax: €182.84
Price excl. tax: €17.90
Price inc. tax: €21.47
Price excl. tax: €17.90
Price inc. tax: €21.47

Elementary circuits kit, 5422

This kit enables beginners of the study of the electrical physics, to do experiments on the simplest electric circuits.
• Lamp with switch;
• Lamps in series;
• Lamps in parallel

Price excl. tax: €58.80
Price inc. tax: €70.56
Price excl. tax: €46.02
Price inc. tax: €55.22

Set of 6 glass lenses, 4201

It shows the properties of different types of lenses: bi-convex, plane-convex, meniscus-converging, bi-concave,
planediverging and meniscus-diverging.
Lenses diameter:50 mm.
Price excl. tax: €17.38
Price inc. tax: €20.86
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