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Physics 5th grade


States and properties of matter - Measurement B1

24 feasible experiments
• Space
• Matter
• Bodies
• The three states of matter
• A property of bodies: impenetrability
• Other properties of bodies
• The meaning of the comparison between different bodies
• Qualitative and quantitative comparisons
• Measurable properties and physical magnitudes
• Measurement of a physical magnitudes
• The metric decimal system
• Length
• The linear rule: a calibrated tool
• Geometry
• The fundamental bodies of geometry and the real world
• Straight lines and curved lines
• The metric wheel
• The curvimeter
• Closed lines
• Plane figures, borderline and surface
• Perimeter of a flat figure
• Area of a flat figure
• Simple polygons
• Regular simple polygons
• Isoperimetric polygons and polygons having same area
• How to compare two polygons
• Rectangles and squares
• How to measure the area of an irregular polygon
• Volume of solid bodies
• Volume of liquid bodies
• Graduated cylinder
• Volume of an irregular solid
Price excl. tax: €104.82
Price inc. tax: €125.78

Chemistry training kit Lab5class ® Physics phenomena

Designed for training on Human and Nature in 5th grade
The set has been developed according to the new learning curriculum plans of MES and contains the necessary appliances and measuring and imaging tools.
Designed for 2-4 children working at the same time
Price excl. tax: €127.83
Price inc. tax: €153.39

Cylinder with same volume, 1369

In order to do experiments on the density-volume relationship.
Diameter 10 mm, height 40 mm.
Materials: aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, iron and lead.
6 pcs.
Price excl. tax: €12.78
Price inc. tax: €15.34
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